We are delighted to invite you to the 3rd edition
22nd - 23rd of February 2019

International Congress of Veterinary Nephrology

The Romanian Society of Veterinary Nephrology HEMODIALIVET was born as a generous idea to share with veterinarian colleagues the knowledge gained by well-known lecturers, making it possible for colleagues to approach this new and tempting field.

The second edition of the International Congress of Veterinary Nephrology brought together international specialists, veterinarians, in the field of pet pathology, with special concerns in the area of veterinary nephrology, cardiology, endoscopy, pathology, parasitology and internal medicine.

The event hosted 468 veterinarians from 14 countries (Romania, Moldavia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Turkey, UK, Croatia, and Portugal), both owners of veterinary clinics and veterinarian employees.

The event benefited from the support of over 20 sponsors, the leading companies on the Romanian market, Hills, Maravet, BBraun, PhN, Royal Canin, Matopat, Bayer, Purina, City Vet, DTL, Vet Diagnostic, Biomed - Nikolay Golomehov, Synevo, Diamedix, Neologis, Medical Simulator Project, Tanovet, Med Hub, VetReport, Callisto, Altius, Tuvet, Samsung and Cotnari Vinery, and also from the presence of most of the representatives of the largest Veterinary Medical Associations in Romania and Eastern Europe: AMVAC, ROVECCS, Speed Vet, Hemopet, The Endoscopy Center, the laboratory and MRI within the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Pet Stuff, SRDV, SRVO, The Romanian Association for Veterinary Ophthalmology, VetCo, VVC, TUVECCA.

The National Congress of Veterinary Nephrology enjoyed the contribution of internationally recognized lecturers in specialized fields such as: veterinary nephrology, cardiology, endoscopy, pathology, parasitology and internal medicine.

One of the most famous cardiologists in Europe, Dr. Luca Ferasin, DVM PhD Cert VC PG Cert (HE) Dip ECVIM-CA (Cardiology) MRCVS, European and RCVS Recognized Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, from the prestigious Cardiospecialist Center in UK, together with the Chairman of the Zagreb and Croatia Veterinary Institute, and the Coordinator of the Department of Parasitology, Dr. Relja Beck, DVM, PhD, discussed cardiology and parasitology in connection with renal pathology. Nephrology was covered by Dr. Ilaria Lippi, from University of California, Davis (UCVMCSD), PhD, Master II livello in Nefrologia ed Urologia Veterinaria, and the diagnosis was explained in detail by Dr. Balázs Szladovits, DVM, FHEA, Diplomate ACVP, MRCVS, from UK. The minimally invasive therapy was addressed by Dr. Fausto Brandao, DVM, MSc., Cert. Spec. VEaMIS.

The covered topics consisted of the most interesting and up-to-date information in the lecturers' areas of expertise. The elegant setting and modern organization of the conference fully contributed to its success.

The party was hosted by MC Wilmark and we all enjoyed a great live performance offered by Emilia Mușală and The Gentleman Band. Our Guest Star was Alexandru Constantin, one of the greatest young voices in Romania. Our partner, Cotnari Vinery offered more than 350 bottles of some of the greatest Romanian wines: Fetească alba, Fetească neagră and Busuioacă de Bohotin rose.

Thank you for being part of this event on February 23rd-24th 2018, and for helping us achieve an elegant and entirely successful Congress!

Romanian Society of Veterinary Nephrology HEMODIALIVET
Lecturer Dr. Bogdan Alexandru VIȚĂLARU
Honorary Chairman of the Board


Short description of the speakers


Relja Beck



Fausto Brandão

DVM, MSc., Cert. Spec. VEaMIS


Luca Ferasin

DVM PhD CertVC PGCert(HE) DipECVIM-CA(Cardiology) GPCert(B&PS) MRCVS


Ilaria Lippi

DVM, PhD, MSc Nephrology and Urology Dr


Balázs Szladovits




MC for this event is Wilmark and special entertainment by Wilmark Dance Academy

Wilmark, the most charismatic presenter in Romania, is the president of the Romanian Dance Association and the perfect entertainer, an ambassador of Latin music and dance.
Organizer of one of the most popular latino festivals: "Salsa Week Romania", the festival which brings together people from all over the world, attracted by the same passion: salsa.

Don't miss the Gala Dinner, live performance by

Founded 3 years ago, it is the project of six artists with a rich musical experience on national and international level.

FILIP DASCALU - electric and classic guitar
LECA DRAGOS STEFAN - bass guitar
DORU DIACONU - drums & percussion


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